Jan 27, 2012

So? What's your excuse?

So what's your excuse?

Let me guess, you need to lose 5 more lbs before you want that family photograph done? Maybe someone in the family isn't getting along?
Is someone ill?

We experienced cancer in my own family. Almost exactly six years ago my daughter, Canyon, was diagnosed with Leukemia (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). Yes, I do have a lot of pictures. And yes, a lot of the pictures of the people in them have annoyed expressions on their faces because they were so sick of the camera in their face. But -  I have them and I wish I had more. It was a painful time and in no means would I want to relive it, but I'd do anything to hang onto every single moment, every single emotion. And now, I can't get some of those moments back. I will remember  - for a time, but those memories will eventually fade.

Don't make an excuse. Do it.  I promise you there is no better time than NOW to get it done? You don't need a professional photographer. Grab a neighbor, a friend, let them take the picture for you.

You never know what tomorrow will hold. Document the now. Save the memories because someday that's all you'll have.


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