Sep 14, 2010

Seriously. Now I have to decide what to wear?

Now that you've scheduled your family or individual  portrait session. The stress about "what to wear" sets in. It's a common question so don't think you're alone. It seems like such a chore and not all of us necessarily want to go spend money on new clothing. Well, don't pull your hair out. Look around your home for inspiration. Look at the color and texture you've used in your home. If you've got it in your home and you love it - It's obviously colors you enjoy and why not let it flow into your portraits?

Something else for inspiration... magazines. Do you have any home decor or a fashion magazines? Thumb through the pages and see what gets your heart fluttering. Take that idea and fly.

I went around my own home for some inspiration. These are some items that I found in my closets. (You'll see where my color inspiration came from too).
 Don't forget to layer. Layer. Layer.
Texture. Texture. Texture.

I will add more ideas over the next few days...
What's your favorite color combo?

Some ask if patterns are okay. Yes, but don't go overboard or you may look like your dear Grandma's quilt. I personally like bold pattern and only a couple of pieces. I am a big fan of bold stripes with solids. I think it just looks fabulous.


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