Jul 28, 2009

What is Contemporary Photography?

Contemporary photography highlights the importance of storytelling and emotion, and there is a great importance placed on relationships. Also called lifestyle photography, this style is not only about how you capture, but also what you capture - "more moments in time" as opposed to "manufactured illusions." A contemporary photograper is just as likely to photograph a child's tantrum as thier big, toothy smile. Contemporary portraits are meant not only to capture one's likeness, but actually to reflect one's personalities - tantrums, daydreams, goofiness, quirks, and all.

A common response to this type of photography is often the joy of recognition; you hear a mom say, "That's so him!" or "Look at that! I love how we laugh together." Instead of being told to sit still, children are told to play, to be free, and to interact with each other naturally.

Children's Portrait Photraphy

Tamara Lackey


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